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Cannabis oil. Marijuana oil. Hemp oil. Hash oil. CBD rich oil. Cannabidiol:

Perhaps you have heard of these terms lately on social media, or have seen one of the increasing number of news pieces being done on the healthful benefits of Cannabis oil for sale in various Medical Marijuana states,  and the various blends of natural Cannabinoids contained in these products. Cannabinoids that appear to work in HARMONY with your body’s own endocannabinoid system to effect healing and balance.

Perhaps you are bit curious and wanted to learn more about the growing U.S. trend of re-evaluating Cannabis as medicine. Or maybe you are wanting to learn a bit more about some of these newer substances being talked about, such as CBD, also known as Cannabidiol and what they may mean to you as a patient looking for answers outside of what is currently being promoted by mainstream medicine.

You may even know someone that resides in a Medical Marijuana state that has utilized CBD oils and would like to look into this avenue for yourself after hearing about its effectiveness firsthand, but wonder if you can even find Cannabis oil for sale online or is Cannabis oil legal or what types of Cannabis oils are legal? 

If you are brand new to CBD and cannabidiol, you may want to start with this video for a very fast overview of the substance.

A Natural and Effective Alternative.

Maybe you are tired of the “rub a pill on it” and call me in the morning mentality that permeates our society, where cures come packaged in convenient little pills and doctors seem to have little time to do anything but write you a prescription and send you on your way. And frequently, these medications have side effects that are more troubling/damaging then the illness’s that they set out to treat in the beginning!

On the other hand, you may already be well versed in the growing story that is Cannabidiol, the positive testimonials and research, cbd hemp oil benefits and you are simply searching for information on current availability in the United States on where to buy Cannabis oil for sale online, or if it is even possible to find Medicinal Hemp Oil for Sale if you don’t live in a medical marijuana state?

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Available Now For Purchase In All States!

Well, the great news is that due to the increased understanding of how many of the various Cannabiniods present in Cannabis work, as well as advances in hemp farming, it is now actually possible to legally purchase products containing various strengths of CBD (Cannabidiol) in all 50 U.S. states and around 40 other countries. These products contain an imperceptible amount of the Cannabinoid THC and are derived from a process utilizing the “commercial” hemp plant. These strains of commercial hemp are very low in naturally occurring THC and relatively high in naturally occurring CBD. Due to the lack of THC in these Hemp derived oils, and the fact that they are derived from commercial hemp plants grown mainly from Europe, the products made from them are able to be sold and shipped in the United States. While you cannot legally buy THC oil online, you may purchase CBD rich hemp oil that is legally devoid of THC.  The growth of hemp remains illegal on a federal level in the United States,  but in spite of this, the U.S. is the worlds number one importer of hemp products.

The 9th US circuit court of appeals ruled in 2004 that the naturally occurring cannabinoids in Hemp do not fall under DEA regulation when sold as nutritional supplements or what are referred to as “hemp finishing products”.  Hemp, internationally refers to varieties of the Cannabis plant that have less than .3% THC dry weight present in samples, where plants over .3% are considered “marijuana” by most international certifications for hemp strains. So while these Hemp based CBD products have a very miniscule amount of THC in them, they are fully legal in all 50 states when sold as nutritional/dietary supplements. For further clarification on legal status of hemp based CBD, scroll down the wiki page here.  CBD is not a scheduled substance in the U.S. when derived from approved nonpsychoactive “Hemp” varieties of Cannabis.  By contrast, all cannabinoids derived from marijuana plants, are scheduled substances in the U.S.  For a more detailed description of the legal climate surrounding CBD rich hemp oils, see our sister site here.  For more detailed information, check our FAQ page here.

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 Hemp as a Great Source for CBD 

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Hemp makes an excellent source for high CBD genetics as only THC content was bred out of commercial hemp strains to meet international standards, leaving the CBD intact.  The exact opposite has happened with marijuana over the years where recreational use drove selection for THC over other qualities, resulting in CBD being largely bred out of the plant in most samples. So high CBD strains such as Charlotte’s Web and many others are using hemp genetics in their breeding programs to bring back the high CBD dominant genes. 

Just because you see “commercial” or “industrial” Hemp, do not assume that this is an inferior source of CBD, as it mostly relates to the international rules defining what is “Hemp” and what is “Marijuana”, so companies using and or importing these substances, must use this wording to define the source material. Most “industrial” Hemp used for CBD extraction, will be grown domestically in the near future, if many of the hemp programs are allowed to progress without interference. Some domestic hemp CBD products are already on the market. *Update Jan 2015While many domestic hemp programs struggled to get going in 2014, many managed to do so and several further advances were made in clarifying the difference between Hemp and Marijuana under law with the 2014 Farm Bill.  2015 is shaping up to be a good year for domestic hemp production in the U.S.  Currently, there are many states where it is legal again to grow hemp, but there are still grey areas regarding the shipment of these products over state lines.  These same Hemp based products and the base to make them are able to be imported by the ton with zero restriction. There are currently several large hemp farms in Colorado doing growth for CBD production exclusively and many of the early hemp farms to get started in OR in 2015 were looking to do CBD production.  As well, large CBD companies such as CannaVest and Stanely Brothers Social Enterprises are at work in states like KY and TN which are the first states to grow DEA certified imported hemp stock.  You can watch a video on CannaVest below.

America's Burgeoning Hemp and CBD Markets pt. 1

Hemp Hype/Hate

There is a lot of hype currently about CBD rich hemp oils and a lot of misinformation that is spread online about hemp plants in particular, primarily by those that are either marketing their own medical marijuana products with THC in them, have a blind THC whole plant or nothing outlook, or those that are completely unaware of the breeding possibilities with regard to the hemp strains of the Cannabis plant.  ALL cannabis plants are capable of producing the primary cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN, when selected and grown for the purpose.  Hemp strains are no different.  They have just historically been grown for industry and not for cannabinoid production.  The focus on Cannabidiol in particular in the last decade, has spurred the creation of Hemp 2.0 if you will.  These are hemp plants that are now being grown in the manner that medical marijuana plants are farmed in, instead of the traditional means of growing hemp.  Many of these new strains are hybrid strains combining hemp genetics with medical marijuana strains to form new low THC, high CBD cultivars.

Hemp Oil Hustlers and the Project CBD Report

One will also see claims, such as the ones levied by Project CBD in their flawed report “Hemp Oil Hustlers”, that imported hemp oils are full of harsh chemical residues and that people have been sickened by using them or that the hemp plants all come from China, bringing to mind visions of contaminated soils.  The fact is, that most reputable companies in 2015 are using supercritical CO2 for extraction, which is nontoxic and leaves no residue in the finished oil, as well as using European sourced hemp.  Claims about certain oils that have been made by websites such as Project CBD and Ladybud have since been refuted and discredited by the very labs that tested the samples.  You may watch the Youtube statement from the very lab in question in the Hemp Oil Hustlers piece, Stuart Environmental here.  There is a great deal of exaggeration and misinformation with regard to CBD rich hemp oils. 

On the other hand, several companies have legitimately been warned by the FDA for unsubstantiated health claims and questionable levels of cannabinoids in their products, but in the same breath, we do not really know if the FDA is capable of accurately testing for cannabinoids as there is much variation in results from one cannabis testing lab to another.  As with any product, especially in the supplement realm, which is largely unregulated, the golden rule is buyer beware.  It pays to shop around a bit and see what is available, as well as consulting reviews, friends, online resources, etc.   There is a lot of “hemp hate” that one may encounter from those deeply embedded in marijuana culture that refuse to see beyond THC and the full legalization thereof.

These Hemp based products also offer a great alternative to those who may be interested in the value of CBD but are uncertain about the effects of THC that come along with full spectrum oils produced from marijuana flowers/buds. Hemp derived cannabis oils are currently the only available method of easily gaining access to CBD and many other cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG and CBN in the U.S. outside of medical marijuana states or states that have legalized marijuana.  Find Where To Buy Cannabis oil for sale here.

THC Free.

Due to the inherent lack of THC in these products, they will not make the person using them feel “high” or intoxicated and this is an important distinction to make when talking about various Cannabinoid preparations where one may be concerned about unwanted side effects in themselves or family members.  They will also not turn up positive on a drug test, unless VERY high doses are taken, in which case, it may be theoretically possible to reach a THC threshold that may trigger a positive result, but this would likely be ruled out in the secondary phase of testing.  This would require VERY high doses of most common CBD extracts sold today, far and beyond what most people would likely consume.

While research appears to point to an “entourage effect”, whereby THC and CBD seem to work together harmoniously, with CBD serving to negate and balance many of the effects of THC, as well as potentiating other effects,  the effects of THC may not be desirable for some patients,  or needed for others, and as such, these Hemp derived CBD oils offer a great alternative to the full spectrum Cannabis oils available to those who live in Medical Marijuana states.  Others, who may require THC in their oils, may find that hemp oils do not have the blend of specific cannabinoids that suit their condition.  All cannabis oils are different, as are all individual reactions to them.  It is not uncommon to have to try several blends or brands of oils to find the one that compliments the condition of your own endocannabinoid system.     

No longer must you live in a state where you have to have a state sanctioned Medical Marijuana Program in place and have access to Medical Marijuana dispensaries in order to obtain CBD.

It is now possible to find Cannabis oil for sale derived from CBD rich Hemp without any conflict with the laws that restrict the more commonly known Cannabinoid THC or marijuana plants.


A New Frontier

A great deal of people seem to be finding positive results using Cannabis oils and CBD, as evidenced by the increasing number of news stories dedicated to the subject as well as numerous legislation being pushed in the United States to ease the restrictions on CBD products in particular.  While these CBD only laws that have been passed in 14 states are ultimately very shortsighted and may only help a handful of patients, it is putting the subject of cannabis oils at the forefront of discussion and helping change the perception of cannabis use.

There have been many high profile news stories done on the subject recently, including those done by Dr. Sanjay Gupta in his highly viewed CNN specials. These are rapidly raising awareness and curiosity in Cannabis as a legitimate, natural, alternative and bringing attention to the efficacy of specific Cannabiniods such as CBD as well as raising understanding of the Endocannabinoid system and its role in regulating body functions. As well, the laws are changing rapidly in the country, paving the way for things such as the domestic growth of hemp which will now be able to be produced in the United States for the first time in decades, which will help in turn lower the current price on CBD rich hemp oil in regards to CBD products.  2015 has already seen the price of CBD oil for sale drop considerably from where it was just a year or more ago. Order cannabis oil here.

Getting Real: Medical Marijuana Benefits

Many people are deciding to become proactive about what they are putting in their bodies, and questioning the Pharma they are taking to mask symptoms that don’t ever seem to go away. Many folks are looking for natural, synergistic alternatives that work in harmony with their bodies natural systems to promote health, balance and vitality. Cannabis has a had rich, deep history of being used as effective and safe up until the late 30’s when it was demonized and criminalized for political purposes.

With the advent of Medical Marijuana programs in various states, the discovery of the Endocannabinoid system, and leading research coming out of countries like Israel, many people are beginning to rediscover Cannabis, and taking a second look at how it may be utilized as a beneficial substance with an outstanding safety record. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been one of the most exciting things to come out of this recent surge in interest both here and abroad and research on it is prompting several companies to market and produce legal, CBD rich Cannabis oil for sale.

Continue down the page to find our current list of recommended merchants.  There are many manufacturers of Hemp oil for sale in 2015, the following merchants are those whose products we feel best about and who have a history of solid fulfillment.  We have ordered from and sampled products from all merchants listed and have received no complaints about any of the products and are unaware of any complaints on the market about them or their respective companies/ operations. 

Find more info on CBD here  

Learn more about Hemp based CBD

Still have questions? Check out our detailed Cannabis Oil For Sale FAQ

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The CBD industry is rapidly evolving as domestic Hemp comes online in 2014 for the first time in almost a century.  The next year will bring many exciting changes to the legal CBD market.  Like us on Facebook to stay up to date on new products and vendors that will be utilizing Whole Plant, 100% American CBD Rich Hemp improving both potency and affordability.   Stay tuned, lots of news to come! Also, we truly value your feedback on our recommended vendors and recognize that most of the people searching for information regarding CBD may be ill and have enough challenges to face, without worrying about where to buy CBD online.  We strive to bring only the best products and vendors and if you see a vendor listed it indicates that we have had no problems dealing with them ourselves, and are aware of no substantial complaints about the products or customer service.  If at any time we become uncomfortable dealing with any of these merchants ourselves, on a personal level, they will be promptly removed.  We are patients ourselves who believe strongly in the potential of Cannabis, spreading information about legal Cannabidiol and supporting the often small businesses that are developing these products.      


 Low THC Hemp based CBD oils are legal for purchase in the following countries and U.S. States: Argentina Austria Belgium Belize Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark England Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Guam Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Netherlands Antilles Northern Ireland Norway Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russia Scotland Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa Sweden Switzerland U.S. Virgin Islands United Kingdom Uruguay Wales Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming 

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Natural Legal Cannabidiol (CBD) oils and products available now from these vendors official websites listed below:


***11/20/15  BUYCBDONLINE is having to change C.C. processors, this is a common problem in the CBD industry unfortunatly.  Expected to have C.C. capability soon.  Limited payment options until then. ***

 Charlotte’s Web Botanicals, Mary’s Nutritionals, Dose of Nature, Elixinol, and Plus CBD are our current top picks at BUYCBDONLINE.

4/5/15 Super Excited!!! BUYCBDONLINE now carrying Official CHARLOTTE’S WEB HEMP OIL from CHARLOTTE’S WEB BOTANICALS!!! Just added in September, new larger bottles in 1500mg and 5000mg sizes!  Order CW Botanicals full extract hemp oil here today!

Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil and Capsules

Charlotte's Web Botanicals hemp extract

  Available in 200mg and 500mg, 1500mg and 5000mg bottles.  The capsules may not be available until the larger 25mg size are developed. 
Added at BUYCBDONLINE in September 2015, awesome new products from Mary’s Nutritionals made from 100% Colorado grown hemp flowers!  One of a kind CBD transdermal patches and gel pens.  Transdermal or sublingual delivery offers much less loss to liver first pass metabolism than oral absorption and is a preferred method of delivery.  Also offering a unique Charlotte’s Web transdermal gel pen in partnership with the Stanley Brothers.   One of our top current picks at Cannabisoilforsale.  Mary’s Medicinals has been an established name in Medical Marijuana products in WA and CO for some time and have just released their national hemp based line under the Mary’s Nutritionals brand.


Mary's Nutritionals Elite CBD

mary's nutritionals elite cbd products

PlusCBD Oil from Cannavest, one of the largest manufacturers in the CBD industry and winner of multiple High Times Awards for Highest CBD concentrate with their CBD simple.

Plus CBD Oil Gold

plus CBD oil from cannavest
BUYCBDONLINE offer one of the largest selections of Cannabidiol (CBD) products available online and one of our favorite places to order cannabis oil.  One stop shopping featuring many of the most well known brands in legal hemp based CBD today, such as Charlotte’s Web Botanicals, Dose of Nature, Hempotion, RSHO, Tasty Hemp Oil, U.S. Hemp oil, Yellow Emperor and Hemp Remedies.  Newly added, Hemp Remedies High Concentrate legal CBD Dabs, a first in the industry!  BUYCBDONLINE also carry several brands of  CBD hemp oil Vape products blended specifically for use in Pen Vaporizer units such as the new line from Entourage.  *New in 2015, brand new products from Dose of Nature, CW Botanicals, Mary’s Nutritionals and Plus CBD!  
*Trusted and Recommended vendor since March 2014*

Added Jan 2015

dose of nature cbd hemp oil

Brand new CBD products from Dose of Nature

The products being offered by Dose of Nature offer entirely new levels of purity and bioavailability through proprietary manufacturing techniques.  Sourced from high quality WHOLE PLANT European Hemp.  This base then undergoes industry leading super critical CO2 extraction to produce the cleanest, free from solvent residue extracts.  The base extract is further filtered of all of its associated chlorophyll, and waxes, something that most companies do not do.  This ultra refined material comes in at around 70% CBD, which is extremely potent for Hemp based CBD extracts and is referred to as “RedStrap™” by the company, due to its resemblance to blackstrap molasses, which is how very high quality Cannabis oil should look. 

Dose of Nature Pure Resin and Wax-Free CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil Blends Comparison

This is WHOLE PLANT oil that is rich in the full spectrum of phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavaniods and not just simply CBD alone. This RedStrap extract is then combined with Olive, Hemp, Coconut or Apricot oils to the strength of 250mg CBD per bottle to make up their Redstrap CBD line.  Their “Sweet CBD” product is a very unique sugar free glycerin based extract that is water soluble making it rather different contrasted to conventional oil based products that do not dissolve well in water.  Dose of Nature  “Nano CBD Chaser” and “Nano CBD Shooter“, offer the new and exciting benefits of nanotechnology and the companies proprietary technologies known as “Hydrosomes™”  and “BioXTrax™” to further enhance the bioavailability of these substances.  The “Nano CBD Chaser” is comprised of Redstrap CBD in a Hydrosome form.   Hydrosomes are nano particles that are embedded within stable micro-clusters of ultra-pure water, making them more functional and bioavailable at the cellular level.  The “Nano CBD Shooter” is one step beyond and also incorporates the companies BioXTrax™ process, for increased absorption and speed of onset.  This truly represents a new cutting edge in CBD delivery and we are very excited about these new products released from Dose of Nature,  not to mention the low price point on their products!  Find more info on these new technologies on their webby (make sure to click on “main site” from the store for lots of info)! 

Just added in September at Dose of Nature, CBD rich hemp oil vape blend!
 Click below to buy CBD oil from Dose of Nature!  Take 20% off your first order using coupon code “don20”
11/2015:  All products are on SALE at Dose of Nature!

dose of nature Cannabidiol oil
Dose of Nature hemp oil products

 Added in October 2014!

Golyoli Natural CBD Oils

 Same Day Shipping from the Netherlands to ANY country!   See our blog post HERE for more details.  Golyoli Natural Medi -Wiet CBD Oils are manufactured from Whole Plant Dutch grown Hemp, using safe, nontoxic super critical CO2 extraction, the cleanest method of extraction available in the industry.  The Medi -Wiet oils are produced by Dutch Cannabis pioneer and legend Wernard Bruining and Golyoli’s 7% and 20% syringes are manufactured from very high quality European Hemp base.  They also stock raw CBDa products!   Heads up for U.S. customers, shipping is currently around $32.00, but it comes registered and insured and covers multiple items it looks like.  They are brand new and looking to improve their shipping options in the near future.
Update 11/2015!  Golyoli now stocking awesome new suppositories from Endoca, as well as capsules!  We have been waiting for someone to develop a CBD suppository for some time, as this method of delivery along with transdermal and sublingual, are among the best ways to absorb cannabinoids into the body.  When you take an oil orally, you lose some 85% of the dose to the digestive process.  This first pass metabolism through the liver is eliminated when using suppositories for delivery, offering a much more efficient means of absorption.  Endoca is a European hemp company that supplies much of the CBD industry with its bulk base and is an established, well known manufacturer of quality CBD products in the industry. 

Endoca CBD suppositories

  Feb 19th:  20% tubes of RAW CBD are now in stock.  These tubes are 7% CBD and 16% CBDa,  please note this is not 20% total decarboxylated CBD, it is 16% RAW form with 7% decarboxylated CBD as well.  A really great product for those looking for more CBDa!  

Click below to go directly to Golyoli CBD Oil

Golyoli CBD oil for sale

Buy Now Golyoli

 CBD Oil is also available for purchase on Amazon along with product reviews, click below to visit Amazon.  *May 2015:  Amazon has removed all hemp oil that says “CBD” on it from stock.  However….you can still buy CBD oil on Amazon, it is just listed as Hemp oil.  This is very confusing for all involved and very frustrating for CBD companies.  Many companies are updating their packaging for Amazon sales in particular, so we will update the widget below, as companies get their products back up on Amazon.  

*Nov. 2015 CW Botanicals is currently the only brand we can recommend on Amazon and it appears to be only the gel pen available.


Also check out our book The Cannabis Oil Companion on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook as well as all other digital formats!  If interested, the lengthy introduction chapter may be found posted for free on our sister site here or you can also click the book below for a preview.


“The Cannabis Oil Companion: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to Hemp and Marijuana Oils” by Douglas McCort on Ganxy


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