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I have been extensively researching and using Cannabis medicinally now for almost 30 years.  When I was in my late teens, I discovered that marijuana completely cured my insomnia if I consumed before bed, and I have used it in the evenings ever since.  My insomnia used to be terribly disruptive for me, and made it hard to shut down at night and hard to get up in the morning, and this was something I struggled with greatly until my late teens.   Finding that cannabis offered a natural solution to this problem for me at this early age, forever colored my perception of cannabis.  I could take a small dose of this plant at night, get a great nights sleep and wake up feeling clear and restored.  What exactly was the downside?  I  could not find one.  I was not using marijuana for recreation…… I was using it as a tool to help my body.

Of course, in the day, I was using it for recreation as well, but I have never viewed marijuana as an intoxicant…..I view cannabis as a tool for ENHANCEMENT.  I do not drink.  I do not use drugs. But I am a firm believer in the powers of cannabis and it is a spiritual thing for me, … a connection to the earth and nature.  I consider cannabis to be pure,…a truth.  It is only through the actions of man, that it has been colored otherwise.  I feel that cannabis is something you use with respect.  Respect for the natural order of things and respect for your body.  Cannabis is a personal journey and one that will be different for each person.

I have had an insatiable interest in cannabis and pharmacology since my early teens.  By the time I had graduated high school, I had depleted the library (this was back in the day!) of every resource I could find on cannabis which led me to believe at an early age, that 99% of what I was being told about cannabis was simply hyperbole.  I grew up in Alaska, where indoor growing of marijuana has been legal on the state level since the mid 70s and I could see folks around me that had used cannabis for decades…..regularly.  And they were fine, while the wreckage of meth, alcohol and cocaine was plain to see.  It simply didn’t jive for me, the myths, with what my real world experience was showing me.

As well at this time, I purchased my first physicians desk reference for pharmaceuticals, or otherwise known as a “pill bible”.  I was beginning to suffer more and more with mysterious  bouts of vomiting and was being placed on medications I was not comfortable taking blindly.  At a very early age, I made the choice that NOTHING would go in my body unless I did my own risk to benefit assessment first, regardless of what the white coat at the time was telling me.  Today, it is soooo much easier to find this information online.  You used to have to ask the pharmacist for the long narrow insert with microscopic font that actually gave you the facts about the drug.

In my late 20s, I began to suffer from what I came to understand much later was Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome, that had been present intermittently since early childhood, but flared dramatically in my late 20s.  Cannabis has been one of the only substances over the last 2 decades that has been able to provide me much needed relief from the various challenges CVS presents, from nausea to pain, anxiety to sleeplessness, appetite stimulation and anti-depressant……

Cannabis has been a great blessing and I often tell others that I owe my life to it.  I simply do not know how I would have endured the last 2 decades of suffering without it.


Also, in my 20s, through my constant reading on the subject,  I became gradually aware of a cannabinoid by the name of Cannabidiol or CBD.   I have kept up with the news about CBD and other cannabinoids over the years, and in the last few years in particular, the news has become quite exciting as our understanding of these substances grows.   I was very excited to learn a few years back that CBD oils derived from hemp were now being sold legally in all 50 states!  Finally!  I was surprised to find out that despite all of my knowledge about the plant, I did not know that you could derive things like CBD from hemp strains.  Just never really occurred to me, but IMMEDIATLY made sense and goes to illustrate that some of the most informed folks when it comes to cannabis, can know very little about hemp strains of the plant. There was simply no interest.  Hemp didn’t yield THC, so no one cared about hemp as a source for cannabinoid production.  Until CBD usage caught on and they found that many of these hemp strains in fact held the recessive genetics for CBD production that had been selectively bred from the marijuana gene pool.  I like to call this change, hemp 2.0.  It has redefined our perceptions of what hemp strains of cannabis may be used for, when they have previously been relegated to pulp, seed and fiber production.

This is something I truly believe in and am very passionate about.  The intention of this site is to help spread the word about Hemp based Cannabidiol (CBD), and I decided to try to do some small website building as I have been forced to work from the house, as I try to bounce back from years of illness and disability, and this was my first attempt at building my own website. I do my absolute best to keep the site current and accurate and to provide solid references for folks I know are possibly struggling like I have over the last 20 years.

Thank you for visiting, and whether it be thru this site or another, please learn about the possible benefits that Cannabidiol (CBD) may have to offer.  It is a fascinating subject.  If you would like to know more of my basic thoughts on the subject of cannabis oils, you can check out the extensive introduction to my ebook, The Cannabis Oil Companion, available on Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook, as well as other formats here.

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