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Feb 11

FDA Warns CBD Companies for 2nd Time

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FDA warns CBD companies Dose of Nature

FDA Warns CBD Companies for Second Time: Examining the latest batch of FDA warnings recently sent out to U.S. CBD distributors on health claims. 2/10/16: In a move similar to one made around this time last year, the FDA has recently sent out a second batch of warning letters (as reported by NewCannabisVentures here) to several companies […]

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Feb 10

How to use cannabis oil: How to find your effective dose

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How to use cannabis oil

How to Use Cannabis Oil: How to Find Your Effective Dose Quick NavigationHow Much Oil Do I Take?Endocannabinoid DeficiencyRetrograde FeedbackPractical Cannabis Dosing1. Start Slow and Observe Carefully2. Slowly Increase the DosageHow to Use Cannabis Oil – Safe to ExperimentRespect for Psychoactivity with Marijuana Oils High in THCWhat if You Happened to Eat Too Many Brownies?CBD Rich Hemp […]

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