Cannabis Oils FAQ

Cannabis Oil For Sale FAQ

Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, you may legally buy cbd oil. In its current commercial incarnation, where CBD is being derived from non psychoactive species of cannabis, i.e. Commercial or Industrial Hemp, CBD oil is legal for purchase in the U.S. and over 40 other countries that allow for the import of hemp goods and hemp finishing products.

CBD oil that is derived from cannabis plants of over .3% THC content, is considered to be derived from marijuana plants and is NOT legal for purchase or imort under federal law. Some states such as WA, AK, OR and CO have legalized marijuana products for adult medicinal and recreational use. These, and some other states that have recognized medical marijuana programs, are the only states where it is legal STATEWIDE for folks to purchase marijuana based oils. This would still be considered unlawful under federal law however.

Under the Controlled Substances Act in the United States, hemp and marijuana are considered to be one and the same. The 2014 Farm Bill took the first steps in separately defining hemp from marijuana, and the pending Industrial Hemp Act will permanently remove hemp from the CSA description of marijuana. What this means, is that our American farmers may not grow hemp under federal law, unless they obtain certified seed from a DEA permit process, that until very recently, has been all but impossible to obtain. In the past couple of years, both KY and TN have obtained both the seeds and permits necessary to legally grown hemp again, on a federally recognized level, for the first time in 60 years. Around 19 other states now allow for the growing of hemp in some capacity but whether or not this hemp can then be placed into interstate commerce is a grey area at the moment. States such as CO have established robust hemp farms producing CBD rich hemp oils.

By contrast, the United States is the number 1 importer of hemp products on the globe. Since we cannot produce our own, we rely heavily on countries that do allow the commercial growth of hemp such as Canada, many European nations and China. So hemp products are quite legal to import into the United States and are done so in huge $$$ amounts.

In a landmark decision in 2004 in the case of HIA (Hemp Industries Association) vs. DEA, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Cannabinoids contained within non psychoactive species of cannabis, i.e. hemp, were not under the jurisdictional regulation of the DEA. The DEA at the time were trying to establish a zero tolerance policy on the trace amounts of THC that turned up in commercial hemp products, similar to the trace amounts of opiates that occur with poppy seeds. This decision was not further appealed by the Bush admin and stands today.

Under this ruling, hemp finishing products that contain trace amounts of THC, as well as beneficial levels of CBD and other assorted cannabinoids, are legal to import and sell in the United States and have been for more than a decade now. These products are known as "hemp finishing products" and are what you get when you go to buy CBD oil.

Useful links regarding the legality of CBD rich hemp oils:
Wiki- see legal status
Attorney Bob Hoban, who represents many companies involved with CBD: Budget Bill Passed by Congress Prevents the DEA From Spending Money on CBD Enforcement
Attorney Hilary Bricken, cannabis attorney WA, evaluating the legality of Cannabis Oil for Sale in: The Curious Case of CannabidiolHia vs. DEA 2004

Post from Bob Hoban on recent DEA 2017 accounting code changes.​  DEA Cannabis Extracts Rule a Threat to Industry

To sum up, as long as a cannabis oil is derived from recognized imported commercial hemp, CBD oil is legal in all 50 states in the U.S. and some 40 other nations. With the current grey area in regard to domestic hemp in the United States, it is still matter of debate as to whether a farm operation under a state department of agriculture program/license may ship their hemp products over their respective state lines, with only select farms in KY and TN being exempt from this as far as using DEA permitted seed stock for their hemp farms. There is much legislation currently pending this year that could define these issues with regard to domestic hemp growth, which shows no sign of slowing down at this point and seems to be a foregone conclusion of when, and not if hemp is allowed to be grown again federally on U.S. soil. Our prediction is that soon, (2015 now) most of the cannabis oil for sale will be derived from U.S. grown hemp.

Is CBD oil safe?

Yes. When purchased from a reputable merchant, CBD oils are quite safe in themselves and typically only contain other carrier oils such as olive or coconut base or sometimes glycerin, all of which are used to both dilute and increase the bio-avialability of the cannabinoids, which are not themselves, water soluble. There has never been a death or overdose attributed to cannabis and cannabis has a long history of being used safely for centuries.

One thing to consider when taking CBD with conventional pharma, is that CBD may inhibit the production of a key enzyme the is used to break down and metabolize much modern pharma. As a result of this, you can see both diminishing effects and returns from the pharma, as less is able to be absorbed, and this is something to be aware of. Many that turn to cannabis oil are at a point of turning away from modern pharma to begin with though.

What about Project CBD's Hemp Oil Hustler's expose'? Didn't they find toxic levels of heavy metals in the CBD oil sampled?

No. This report has since been refuted, and did not stand up from the beginning from those closely paying attention. The very lab that carried out the testing, told the parties in question that the lab results were not accurate for heavy metals, as they were preliminary results to begin with. Project CBD went ahead and published the preliminary data. You can see the video response from the labs that carried out the tests below. Additionally, the parties that brought in the sample with no proper chain of custody also have a horse in the CBD race, with their own products for sale. The whole report, to those paying attention, held little water, and resulted in a huge lawsuit being filed against the parties levying the accusations. Most legitimate companies adhering to CGMP guidelines are testing their base material for these and other adulterants to begin with.  *2/5/16 update:  RSHO has now been approved by both the Mexican and Brazilian National Health agencies for national use in these countries.  Clink on the links for stories.

Aren't these oils produced with "harsh chemicals"?

No. Hyperbole. Most of the large producers of base in the industry now utilize expensive super critical CO2 extraction, which is non-toxic and leaves behind no solvent residuals. Smaller manufactures may use other cheaper solvents, but it makes more sense for them to simply purchase their base now from large wholesalers. A good portion of the cannabis oil for sale in 2015 is produced via this clean technology.

Watch the videos below for examples of what super critical CO2 extraction looks like in real life. This process utilizes only carbon dioxide, heat and high pressures, to remove the cannabinoids from the plant matter.

Doesn't all this hemp come from China?

No. The bulk of the hemp used in the industry comes out of European nations such as Czech Republic. We are personally unaware of anyone in the industry that sources base hemp from China currently.

Is hemp oil real cannabis oil?

Yes. Hemp and marijuana plants are all cannabis plants and as such, they are all capable of producing the same basic chemicals such as THC, CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN. Any good full extract cannabis oil will have a full complement of associated cannabinoids and terpenes. It is all considered to be called cannabis oil or hash oil loosely.

The difference when it comes to cannabis plants is, hemp plants were bred to have low THC levels for industry. As a result, many hemp strains have decent or even very high levels of CBD in them. In contrast, Marijuana strains are high in THC and have almost no CBD left in them, as marijuana has been aggressively bred for high THC values for the last 50 years. So not only is much hemp oil for sale a genuine cannabis oil, but hemp oils are among the best sources currently for CBD in cannabis plants. Famous CBD strains such as Charlotte's Web, use hemp genetics to bring in the recessive CBD production traits. Hemp and Ruderalis strains of cannabis can be very rich in CBD, CBC and CBG when selected and grown for such purposes. There are many farms in the U.S. right now doing hemp hybrid work with cannabis to produce high CBD yielding cultivars that qualify as hemp plants under law. You can view one here on our sister site. So don't let your perception of hemp in the past color your perception of what is going on with hemp today. Just because you hear the term "Industrial" or "Commercial" it does not imply that the plant in question is not capable of producing cannabinoids such as CBD. It is simply a legal definition of cannabis plants: Those with higher than .3% THC in most areas of the world are marijuana plants, those below, are hemp plants or "industrial" or "commercial" hemp plants.

We recommend steering away from products that advertise 99% pure CBD! etc. This is NOT what you want when you go to buy CBD oil. You want as much of the cannabis plant as you can get, NOT an isolate that is "pure". That misses the concept completely about the use of good full extract cannabis oil. Good full extract hemp oil can offer you much of what a medical marijuana plant will offer, without the THC levels. Not all users want or need high THC cannabis oil. In this case, good full extract hemp oils are a great option.

Can you ship to my country and how much is the oil?

We are not involved with the sale or shipment of any of the products found linked on Cannabis Oil for Sale, and ask that you check with the individual merchants listed for both shipping and pricing information. All of the merchants have different shipping policies. As a general statement, hemp oils are available by import and you may buy CBD oil in the following states and countries:

Argentina Austria Belgium Belize Brazil Bulgaria Canada Chile China Colombia Costa Rica Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark England Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Guam Guatemala Hong Kong Hungary Iceland India Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Antilles Northern Ireland Norway Paraguay Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico Romania Russia Scotland Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa Sweden Switzerland U.S. Virgin Islands United Kingdom Uruguay Wales Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Where can I buy cannabis oil?

We run a list of merchants whose products we support and have used ourselves here at Cannabis Oil for Sale and are among the current brands we feel best about after being involved in the industry for almost 2 years now. We are approached regularly to promote other brands products and rarely, if ever do so. We personally seek out and vet all merchants that appear on our webpages. These are products we feel good about recommending to others, for various reasons. In many cases, it is because we are aware of the base being used by the various companies. We try to bring a wide selection of BASES to you here, as they will all be subtlety differing in composition of cannabinoids and terpenes. What most folks don't know, is that probably 50% or more of the CBD industry uses the same base extracts sold by a select few bulk manufacturers. There are literally dozens of companies using the exact same base which leads to a certain homogenization of what is available in the marketplace, that we feel dilutes the potential of cannabis a bit, as every plant oil base is different. We try to bring as many different BASES here to folks as possible. If one brand does not work for you, try another, it will most likely be a totally different base, taken from a totally different strain of cannabis and have a totally unique entourage of supporting beneficials. When you buy CBD oil, or any cannabis oil for that matter, try to keep this in mind.

We advise using caution if attempting to buy CBD oil from popular marketplaces such as Etsy. You can find many good oils there. You can also find bunk oils or order cannabis oil that may potentially have too much THC in them to be legally shipped or legal to possess.

Otherwise, there are literally dozens and dozens of companies producing CBD oil for sale that may be found online right now. We recommend learning a bit about cannabis oils so that you are an informed buyer and can better judge the individual merits of any various product.

Can I use CBD for my pet?

Yes, all animals on earth share an endocannabinoid system, something we did not understand until recently. Your animal can't tell you if something you give them makes them feel one way or the other, so our advice is to start slow and pay particular attention to their reaction to the substance before increasing dosage, etc. Hemp oils are non intoxicating so they lack the high THC that many animals, such as dogs, can have a bad reaction to at a high or unfamiliar dose. There are many companies producing CBD products especially for pets, though there are none that we would specifically endorse or recommend at this point. *2016: We can now recommend Irie Hemp Company products for pets found on our merchant list*  We simply cannot speak to the products one way or another, in terms of having used them ourselves or having had a chance or occasion to buy CBD oil formulated for pets yet.  Mostly it is marketing, you can just buy any CBD and use it for your pet, the pet formulas may simply be more palatable for consumption.

Will hemp based CBD oil cause me to turn up postitive on a drug test?

No. It would require one to take very, very large (and expensive) doses of most of the hemp oil sold today to accumulate enough THC in their system to trigger a positive result on a drug screen. There are some conditions where doses of this size may be warranted, but for the vast majority of us, we will be consuming much smaller doses and as such, the trace amounts of THC found in hemp oils are not enough to trigger a positive on a drug test. In 2 years paying close attention to CBD related news, I am unaware of anyone failing a drug test over use of hemp based CBD oils.

How to use cannabis oil?

There are many ways to ingest cannabis oil, but the preferred method of ingestion would be transdermal or sublingual, with rectal suppositories as a 3rd option but not preferred by many who may be reluctant to consider this method. All 3 methods allow cannabis oils to bypass the liver and first pass metabolism, leading to a dramatic increase in bioavailability. When you take a cannabis oil orally, as much as 85% is lost to the digestive process and first pass metabolism.

If possible, a cannabis oil should be held in the mouth, under the tongue for as long as possible. This is easier with thicker oils or if it is mixed with something that takes a bit to slowly dissolve in the mouth. Some CBD preparations are available in transdermal delivery systems such as patches, and we can highly recommend this method of delivery from an economic standpoint. You are just able to absorb more of what you are paying for when you buy CBD oil, with these particular delivery methods.

Vaping is also an effective method of delivery, though we would caution about the use of vape products containing propylene glycol, a common carrier agent in the ecigg industry, that some may be sensitive to or may present long term risks. Glycerin or no carrier agent at all are preferred by us to propylene glycol for vape products. There currently many CBD rich hemp oil vape products for sale online and you may buy CBD vape oil from several of our merchants.

Will this oil help my (______)?

There is simply no way we could know this with any certainty. Cannabis oils are a trial and error process and we recommend trying several if not many brands/types to find the one that compliments YOUR particular needs and endocannabinoid status. We would emphatically state, BEWARE of any website selling CBD products making any bold health claims what-so-ever. They are not permitted by FDA under marketing of nutraceuticals and supplements and there are many unscrupulous merchants that link non relevant studies that confuse those new to cannabis oils. Cannabis oils may be of great aid to you, but the only way to know this is to experiment with them yourself, not to listen to others that pretend to know that cannabis oils have to have such and such ratio, or must possess THC levels to be of any benifit. No one knows for sure, not even the doctors that have been trying to do study on the substances for the last 50 years, such as Dr. Raphael Mechoulam from Israel. There is much to learn still with regard to cannabis. We are just starting to scratch the surface with the discovery of the endocannabinoid system and new focus on other cannabinoids besides THC, which has dominated the spotlight for some 50 years now. Just try to keep this in mind when you go to buy CBD oil.

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