Where To Buy Cannabis Oil Online (CBD)

Where to buy cannabis oil in 2018

Where to buy cannabis oil online! our recommended merchants for 2018!

Scroll further down the page under the quick reference list below for more detailed information about where to buy cannabis oil online from each of our recommended vendors and the particular cannabis oil products they stock that we highlight. 

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charlotte's web hemp mint chocolate mct oil 1500
  • Best selection of Domestic Brands including Official Charlotte's Web Hemp Extracts
  • CW Botanicals, Mary's Nutritionals, CBDrx/Functional Remedies, and Irie Hemp Company
  • Colorado Grown Whole Plant Hemp Extracts
  • Pure Cannabis oils and CBD products
  • CBD Transdermal Patches by Mary's & CW Botanicals
  • Free shipping over $100
highland pharms cbd oil drops
  • Huge selection of brands including Charlotte's Web
  • One of the largest, longest running online CBD etailers. 
  • Featured picks: CW Botanicals, Mary's Nutritionals, Highland Pharms, plusCBD
  • CBD Dab oil
  • CBD wax and crumble
  • Awesome pricing/service
  • Free shipping over $100
Irie Hemp Company CBD logo
Buy Irie Hemp CBD Oil online
  • Whole Plant Organic CBD
  • Sourced from Organic Hemp grown in U.S.A. 
  • Basic and enhanced  CBD tinctures
  • CBD + Essential oil herbal tinctures
  • Hard to find CBD extract suppositories
  • High concentrate CBD RSO Syringes
  • Free shipping over $100
logo phytoplus 200
phyto plus cbd raw 20g 20%
  • Based in the Netherlands, excellent option for overseas.
  • Phyto+, Endoca & Golyoli Medi Weit brand oils
  • Raw CBDa products that can be hard to find
  • Medi Weit line of oils by Wernard Bruining
  • CBD capsules
  • CBD suppositories, very hard to find currently
buy receptra cannabis oil here
receptra plus cbd oil
  • Whole Plant organic Hemp extracts from Colorado
  • Hand picked flower tops, free from stems and stalks
  • Clear dosage per dropper indication on bottles
  • Available in several formulations, concentrations and sizes.
  • Full Spectrum CBD rich hemp extracts
  • Topical skincare line

All cannabis oils will be different in composition and as such, we always recommend trying different brands to help find the ones seem to be the most effective for each individual person.


best cbd oil online logo


The following quality brands are available at the BEST-CBD-OIL-ONLINE store

BEST-CBD-OIL-ONLINE is not our online store, but if we had one, these would be among the very brands we would stock right now. Mary's Nutritionals, CBDrx/Functional Remedies, Irie Hemp Company and CW Botanicals.  All of these brands represent the highest quality in domestically grown and produced CBD rich hemp extracts. This is where to buy cannabis oil that is manufactured utilizing base extracts from hemp grown in Colorado or Oregon, produced specifically for CBD extraction in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill.

From transdermal patches to CBD Vape pens, to tinctures to balms, there are a wide range of quality CBD products available at the BESTCBDOILONLINE store. 
Charlotte's Web hemp extract from CW Botanicals!
Charlotte's Web Hemp extract

BESTCBDONLINE store is an official distributor for world famous Charlotte's Web hemp extracts which have been profiled widely in the media.

Functional Remedies (Formerly CBDrx)
Functional Remedies Hemp Oil

BESTCBDONLINE store carries Functional Remedies Full Spectrum Hemp oils, which is a brand out of Colorado formerly known as CBDrx who's products we have recommended and taken personally for some time now.  All natural, pure domestic hemp oil.

Mary's Nutritionals
Mary's Nutritionals CBD oils

The original transdermal CBD patch, developed by Mary's!

Mary's Nutritionals pioneered the first CBD transdermal patch, after using this technology with great success in their Medicinals line of marijuana based products, that have been available in certain NW legal states for many years now.  Mary's is an established name, now bringing to market high quality cannabis oil products sourced from domestic Colorado grown hemp.

Irie Hemp Company
Buy Irie CBD Hemp Oil

Basic tinctures from Irie Hemp Company are also found at BEST-CBD-OIL-ONLINE!  Irie sources their excellent full spectrum base extracts from organic farms located in Oregon. All products 3rd party tested.

Receptra Naturals    

buy receptra cannabis oil here

High Quality Pure Cannabis Extracts from Receptra Naturals

Where to buy cannabis oil produced in Colorado

Offering a diverse lineup of organic CBD products!

Receptra Naturals CBD products are derived from proprietary CBD rich hemp, grown on family owned and operated farms in Colorado using 100% organic farming practices on select organic soils without the use of pesticides or fungicides.  I got to know the folks at Receptra while dealing with Charlotte's Web Botanicals and continued to stay in contact when they left CW to form Receptra. 

Check out Receptra's "testing" page for a really nice, interactive presentation of test result data featuring all the metrics most of us are concerned about regarding hemp based cannabis oils. ​

Use Coupon Code "HEMP4U" for -15% off shopping cart total on Receptra Naturals Products!
Receptra Wellness Line
receptra prime cannabis extract

Receptra prime

*20mg CBD per serving

*Available in 750 & 1500mg sizes

receptra plus cbd oil

Receptra plus

*extra concentrated

*40mg CBD per serving

*Available in 1500 & 3000mg sizes

Receptra Topicals
receptra targeted topical

Receptra targeted topical

*Naturally scented with soothing jasmine and Ylang Ylang

*430+mg Cannabinoids per container

receptra body butter cannabidiol

Receptra body butter

*Soothing natural scent accentuated with therapeutic jasmine and camphor

*Vitamin E

*430+mg Cannabinoids per container

Receptra Active Line
receptra active hemp oil

Receptra Active

*Contains MCT oil to boost energy and fat burning potential

*15mg CBD per serving

*Available in 1 oz. & 2 oz. sizes

receptra elite hemp extract

Receptra Elite

*Contains MCT oil to boost energy and fat burning potential

*Fortified with Turmeric

*30mg CBD per serving

*Available in 1 oz. & 2 oz. sizes

receptra pro cannabis extract full spectrum

Receptra pro

*Contains MCT oil and turmeric to boost energy and fat burning potential

*55mg CBD per serving

*Available in 1 oz. & 2 oz. sizes

*Derived from handpicked organic hemp flower tops, free from stems and stalks  
*Produced using safe and clean ethanol extraction
*Clear dosage per dropper indication on bottles
Discover Receptra's high quality line of CBD extracts
Use Coupon Code "HEMP4U" for -15% off shopping cart total!

Irie Hemp Company

Irie Hemp Company CBD logo
Irie Hemp Company

Irie Hemp Company are sourcing their base extract from whole plant organic Oregon grown, full spectrum high CBD hemp varietals grown specifically for CBD extraction..

The farm they are sourcing from in Oregon, is growing hemp under the Oregon Department of Agriculture hemp program and this hemp is being grown SPECIFICALLY for high CBD concentrations. The resultant whole plant extract is a blend of the buds and leaves of the hemp plant, rich in natural phytocannabinoids and terpenes.

Clean Extractions

The oils are extracted either with super clean, super safe super critical C02 extraction or with food grade ethanol, the preferred solvent for making safe, high quality cannabis oils. The resultant base extract is then winterized and de-waxed leaving behind a pristine base oil.

CBD suppositories from Irie Hemp

Irie Hemp CBD Suppositories

Irie CBD RSO Hemp Extract syringe

Irie Hemp CBD Oil Syringe

Buy Irie CBD Hemp Oil

Irie Hemp CBD Basic

Industry Experience

Co-founder of Irie Hemp Company, Trevor Hill, is someone we have known behind the scenes in the CBD industry for years now, and he is deeply involved with the hemp industry. Trevor also has the designation of being one of first of 9 farmers to successfully grow hemp in Oregon despite the various hurdles as they try to establish their state hemp program, and he has been involved with the CBD industry in general for years now.

You can read a bit more about Trevor here as well as Irie's other founding members here. Trevor is also typically easy to reach via the phone number on the Irie website, if you have specific concerns or questions. Trevor will be moving on from Irie Hemp in 2018 and the original partners will be carrying on. 

Full Entourage Organic Hemp Extracts

Check out Irie's new line of full entourage natural organic hemp extracts including hard to find CBD suppositories (increases bioavailability by bypassing first pass metabolism) and pure CBD oil syringes, which are convenient for dosing. I like to put a dab on a toothpick and tuck between cheek and gum for maximum sublingual effect, again, helping to bypass first pass metabolism through the liver.

Lab Tested and Verified

With a commitment to quality and safety, all Irie products are 3rd party tested for contaminants and cannabinoid concentrations. As well, all Irie products are produced fresh on demand, so they don't bottle up 1000 bottles that then sit in a warehouse somewhere for months.

Irie Hemp will be offering their products for sale in medical marijuana dispensaries in states such as California and Oregon, and as such, all products MUST undergo testing procedures required by the medical marijuana industry. Irie Hemp Company therefore will be adhering to a higher standard than most of the companies currently marketing and selling unregulated hemp based CBD online.


*Recommended vendor since 2014!*

Buy-Hemp-CBD-Oil offer a HUGE selection of major brands, are one of the biggest and oldest CBD shops online and one of our favorite shops to buy CBD oil from. Featuring many cutting edge CBD Rich Hemp oil products for sale, including new CBD hemp oil vape pens, CBD vape oil and super high concentrate CBD Dabs! Charlotte's Web Botanicals, Mary's Nutritionals, RSHO, Tasty Hemp Oil, Plus CBD, Hempotion, Hemp Remedies, Highland Pharms ....find them all here!

Charlotte's Web transdermal gel pen

Official Charlotte's Web Partner Product

Mary's Nutritionals CBD oil the Remedy

Based on Holy Anointing Oil

Mary's Nutritionals CBD oil gel pen

Transdermal gel pen

Mary's Nutritionals CBD oil gel pen

Transdermal gel pen

Mary's Nutritionals

BUY-HEMP-CBD-OIL carries products from Mary's Nutritionals! Made with 100% American grown Colorado hemp flowers, Mary's has a very unique line of products from transdermal patches to Charlotte's Web Botanicals partner transdermal gel pens!

marys nutritionals hemp cbd oil

The Remedy is a version of the historical biblical recipe for Holy Anointing Oil. Mary's Nutritionals is the hemp branch of the well established Mary's Medicinals line of medical marijuana products sold in WA and CO. These are some of the most innovative hemp oil products being sold currently. Order cannabis oil from Mary's Nutritionals today!

plusCBD from CannaVest

plusCBD from CannaVest, 5 time Cannabis Cup winner for best CBD concentrate with their simpleCBD.  The plusCBD line represents the consumer line from CannaVest.  CannaVest are one of the largest suppliers of CBD rich hemp extract in the industry and one of the leading manufacturers.  Check out the video above, Chris Boucher is a very well known figure in the hemp industry.

Gold Plus CBD oil CannaVest

Highland Pharms

Highland Pharms CBD concentrate wax crumble

Highland Pharms CBD Wax

highland pharms cbd oil drops

highland pharms cbd oil drops

highland pharms cbd capsules

Super high concentrate CBD wax crumble from Highland Pharms!  A product typically only found in medical marijuana states, this is the first concentrated CBD wax crumble we know of derived from Hemp. Also available, Highland Pharms CBD drops, capsules and Golden CBD Dabs.

 *2018:Charlotte's Web Botanicals, Mary's Nutritionals, Highland Pharms and Plus CBD are our top picks at Buy-Hemp-CBD-Oil!

Phyto Plus CBD from The Netherlands

Where to buy cannabis oil online in Europe?

*Recommended since November 2014: Formerly Golyoli*

logo phytoplus 200

Raw and Decarbed CBD Rich Hemp Oils from Phyto+

CBD Extract 10 gram

Phyto Plus raw hemp oil

Phyto Plus Golden Oil

Phyto Plus golden hemp oil

Phyto Plus capsules and drops

Phyto Plus combo pack capsules and drops


Phyto Plus feature a range of CBD products, from harder to find raw hemp oils, to pure golden honey oils as well as CBD capsules and dropper tinctures available in various sizes as well as combo packs. Pyto Plus also stock CBD suppositories from high quality European supplier Endoca, one of the oldest names in hemp based CBD. 

Suppositories from high quality European supplier Endoca!

cbd suppository from Endoca

Endoca CBD Suppositories

Phyto Plus Natural CBD

Phyto Plus Whole Plant Hemp Cannabidiol extracts, naturally grown, free from insecticides, pesticides and non GMO. Worldwide same day shipping from the Netherlands. Produced with safe, solvent residue free, super critical CO2 extraction, the cleanest extraction method in the industry. If you are wondering where to buy cannabis oil online in Europe, Phyto Plus is a great option. 

co2 extraction method
phyto plus cbd oil holland

Buy Cannabis Oil on Amazon

You can also find cannabis oil for sale online via Amazon, though this changes from month to month.  There used to be a time where you could purchase many of the brands profiled in our merchant stores such as Charlotte's Web through Amazon, but Amazon has removed merchants who had used the term "CBD" in their labeling.  Consequently, to buy cannabis oil online via Amazon, you will be searching for "hemp oil" products, and then filtering out the hempseed oil from the Hemp Oil.

I cannot personally vouch for most of the brands on Amazon currently vs. most of the merchants on our page here, but I include Amazon for the folks that are comfortable shopping via that platform.  You can also find my beginners guide to hemp oils, The Cannabis Oil Companion listed among the products below.  *July 1st: Doing some maintenance today, our widget may be missing below for a little bit, trying to troubleshoot it currently. 

The Cannabis Oil Companion:  A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Hemp and Marijuana Oils    

Also check out our book The Cannabis Oil Companion on Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook as well as all other digital formats! If interested, the lengthy introduction chapter may be found posted for free on our sister site here or you can also click the book below for a preview.

"The Cannabis Oil Companion: A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Hemp and Marijuana Oils" by Douglas McCort on Ganxy

For more info on CBD check out our info page and FAQ!

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